Monday, October 5, 2009

    William Shatner - Lucy In The Sky with DIAMONDS!!!

    The recent death of Lucy - inspiration for Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - has brought the 40-year old song to the forefront of search engines all over the world, thus giving the song notoriety with yet another generation.  We all know the Beatles version; in fact you can still find a the song clip from Yellow Submarine on YouTube.  But how many other versions of this popular song were done?  More specifically, how many scary versions of this song were ever done?  I can think of at least one with enough "Umm...yeah..." to last a lifetime.

    And who better than the King of Over-Acting to sing/speak Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds? William Shatner's spoken word version of this psychedelic classic has long been a favorite moaner and groaner with Star Trek fans for generations (yeah, literally generations at this point). The cadence and delivery probably had everyone scratching their heads when it was released.  Not much has changed.  Listen for yourself!

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