Friday, October 2, 2009

    Countdown - Break Rise Blowing

    French Metal. Yeah. French. Usually when I think of European metal bands, they come from Sweden, Germany, or Norway (if you're looking for the really hard stuff). French metal was never on my radar. Jamendo turned me around on all things related to French music. I'll admit to thinking well within stereotype in terms of style - lots of ballads done on accordians with lots of referenced to "l`amore." I never thought I would ever ever hear French metal worthy of a Seattle high-five to the spirit of Grunge.

    Enter Countdown...

    This band rips up the tracks, with heavy bass, soaring solos, grinding rhythms, unique time signatures, and very few vocals. In fact, only two or three of the songs have any vocals at all. Instrumental Metal is one of my favorite listening choices; don't know just is. The title track will take you back about 17 years, when Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and Stone Temple Pilots laid their souls on the airwaves. Effective use of piano and classic licks give the entire album a diverse feel that works will within a particular style.

    If I were to ask for one thing on this album, it would have that the tracks with vocals be mixed so the vocals could be heard better. Other than that, I'm syncing this on just about every MP3 player I can find.

    Listen for yourself. If you don't see the embedded player below, click HERE to listen to to the album at Jamendo!

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