Saturday, October 31, 2009

    Onslow - German for Headbanging Stoner

    Onslow's Demo 2006 is more proof that Germans rock hard. Really hard. Hard like Eastern bloc Soviet-era concrete apartment complexes. Heavy like Melvins, but faster. Dark like Black Sabbath with more fidelity. The steady driving rhythm pulls you in, and headbanging becomes as uncontrollable as a muscle spasm. This instrumental demo makes the most of tight musicianship, accurate percussion, and unchecked energy.

    Only problem is this: There's not enough Onslow to go around! The demo is only 25 minutes long, and every minute of it is like a audio bath in guitar goodness. All instrumental. The first track "624" starts quietly (as quiet as German Stoner Rock can be), and about a minute later explodes into a stew of volume and power chords. Perfect for those mornings when you have absolutely no motivation to do anything at all.

    Motivation: courtesy of Onslow.

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